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Seminar papers, Student Projects (Seminare, Praktika, etc.)

Guidelines (more...).

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PhD - Organizational Information

A very good overview of what PhD is, what the standards are, etc.: http://spaf.cerias.purdue.edu/grads.html

What is the difference between a master's degree and a Ph.D.? Please read:
Jason Hong. 2013. Ph.D. students must break away from undergraduate mentality. Commun. ACM 56, 7 (July 2013), 10-11. DOI=10.1145/2483852.2483857 (CACM Blog)

You and Your Research (transcript)

What a great PhD thesis should like:

Old, but still valid. The Researcher's Bible by Alan Bundy, Ben du Boulay, Jim Howe and Gordon Plotkin from the University of Edinburgh.

Systemic Reviews for Software Engineering.

Articles you should read:

Master's Thesis - Organizational Information

You will need to take some courses in IT security (at TU) and at least one 'praktikum' with me before you can do a Master's thesis with me. Your thesis needs to be written in English.
Please look at Purdue's Online Writing Lab. It is a great resource!'

Please prepare an abstract for the thesis that contains following items

  • Problem statement and Goal of the work
  • Expected outcome / results
  • Research methodology
  • Preliminary schedule and planned workpackages
  • State-of-the art (including at least 4 references to relevant research)

Minimum standards for a passing grade (in addition to standards set forth by the Dean): Links of the Dean's office that you should look at:

Open Research Topics

  • Bidding strategies and fraud
  • Cost calculation and risk analysis (break even, etc) for cloud storage, energy efficiency (encryption) (starting points http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/MC.2010.115 http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/MC.2010.98)
  • e-commerce protocols in practice (fairness, ttp, ...)
  • Database Forensics (Oracle Flashback Queries, System tables, Oracle Label Extensions)
  • Studies / Questionnaires: e.g. E2E auditable e-voting protocols
  • Compare vulnerabilities of different types of open source software (Moodle vs. Bulleting boards)

Text books I like

Computer Security

  • William Stallings, Computer Security, Pearson International Edition. Very good book. Required reading for all serious master's students.
  • Matt Bishop, Computer Security: Art and Science (Do not by mistake get 'Introduction to Computer Security'). The most comprehensive book. Required Reading for PhD candidates. Unfortunately there are many errors in the book, making parts almost unreadable without the errata (http://nob.cs.ucdavis.edu/book/book-aands/index.html)
  • Gary McGraw, Software Security: Building Security In. Excellent book for all software developers
  • Dieter Gollmann, Computer Security. Short but good depth.
  • Michael Howard, The Security Development Lifecycle. Excellent book. Get this one or Gary McGraw's.
  • Julia Allen, Software Security Engineering. Nice if you have enough budget.
  • Charles E. Pfleeger, Security in Computing. A classic and excellent textbook, many parts are very easy and should be general knowledge of CS students.

Research Methods in Social Sciences

  • Nicola Döring, Jürgen Bortz, Sandra Poschl, Forschungsmethoden und Evaluation: in den Sozial- und Humanwissenschaften, Springer, 2014.
  • Uwe Flick, Qualitative Sozialforschung, rowohlts enzyklopädie, 2007 (3. Auflage 2010).

Conferences, Journals, Videos & other stuff

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